Dear Seller, Pick our offer please!!


written by: Kira Karlin

As Listing and Buyers agents, we’ve experienced firsthand how writing a “Dear Seller” letter can pull at heartstrings and help a Buyer win the contract in a situation of multiple offers.

In our area, we are still very much in a Seller’s Market in many price points and anything a Buyer can do to set themselves apart is certainly OK in our book.

The “Dear Seller” letter and any, let’s call them “Accoutrements”, have proven to be successful time and time again. We’ve seen situations when this powerful combo has won the Buyer a contract even while other Buyers were prepared to pay more. These extra touches make it difficult for many Sellers to focus only on the dollar and allow Buyers a leg up in negotiations.

Here are some ideas: How about along with the letter explaining how you felt when you first walked in and how you just knew it was the perfect home, you also throw in a picture that you just snapped outside the front door or swinging on the porch swing. Or, a hand drawn picture of the home by a child.

It’s a tough market for many Buyers. Why not give it all you got and get creative!

Our team’s creative yet strategic approach, which does occasionally include a “Dear Seller” letter, has proven to be successful and continues to place our Buyers in a winning position. If you are looking to purchase a home in the Sandy Springs, East Cobb, Dunwoody, Chastain, or surrounding areas, please reach out to us today.

We would love the opportunity to help!