What a pleasure this team was to work with!

Kira and Jason are possibly the most wonderful people I’ve ever worked with in a situation so sensitive and emotional as buying a house. They are smart, organized, proactive, responsive, realistic, experienced, and really, they are friends. If you want to find a realtor team that acts as both your agent and your honest, helpful friend, available at every whim to calm your house-buying/selling nerves, this is your pair. I am so thrilled we used them, and both my husband and I have commented to each other that we will NEVER lose these realtors! My favorite way to describe Kira especially, is that she brings WAY more to the table than your average female sales-ey agent. She brings a sharp mind like no other, a professionalism that is unwavering and completely ethical, and a dry wit to navigate you through the tough moments and make you laugh when you need it most.

— Doug B.